As the snow melts…

Every morning, for the past week, I wake up, brush my teeth, drink some tea, check my email, check if anyone has booked a massage (not really anyone has yet), wonder how I’m going to make this thing work, then I throw on a few layers of clothes to go feed my three horses.

Mornings bring ritual to the everyday experience. Mornings set the tone of the entire day. And if we are intentionally positive, mornings are when/where we realize that this is a new day, a new beginning.

This morning, a news story reawakened my soul, humbled my ego, reminded me of what really matters.


It’s a magical spirit –

omnipresent in these mountains –

under appreciated for its powers and fragility.

Last year, just about this time, I stepped away from a desk job. I stepped away from conference calls and work road trips. But I couldn’t step away from the atrocious reality that this capitalistic, hedonistic, patriarchal, colonizing, racist machine that we live under thrives on poisoning water, poisoning air, poisoning minds and bodies.


Even the smallest drop

falling thousands of times

wears down the largest mountain.

Persistence, creativity, and love are necessary if we are truly going to take back our rights, our collective and individual liberties.

There was a time when I couldn’t tell if the people of Stokes County – the thousands of people living in the shadow of a massive coal plant and the watershed of a 300 acre leaking coal ash pond – would ever find the strength to fight hard….. to break through the boundaries of silent suffering, the decades of inequality. And now they are.

All of us pay the price to live in this oppressive state. Some more than others. And all of us have a duty to break our chains, to show others how to free themselves. We must never give up on the hope of a more ____ world (you fill it in).

Every morning, give praise to the clean water around you and please give your time and talent to clean the polluted water near or far from you.



About Kara

I’m in love with the mountains and the communities nestled within. Protecting wild spaces, both in nature and within the human heart, is my truest passion.

My years in activism gift me the resilience and hope to work through trauma and towards a balanced world. I know soulful self care and nonviolent direct action are necessary for earth healing, justice and peace. “Self care” is a term used to describe any practice, activity, thought process or way of being that allows you to find peace, relieve harmful emotions or habits, and cultivate a healthier mind, body and/or spirit. I invite you to explore how to care for yourself, others, and the planet in a wholesome way.

Massage therapy is my offering to the world to create physical, mental and spiritual healing. In December 2015, I completed my massage therapy instruction and became certified in the state of North Carolina on January 15, 2016.

Please visit my “Services” page to review the massage modalities I offer and my range of prices.