Dormant Seeds of Being

“Never chase the butterflies. Keep your garden beautiful and the butterflies will come to you.”

– Brazilian saying, shared by Jeronimo da Silva Neto

For a long time, this saying kept me light and hopeful, like a life vest I put on when the waves were just too threatening or too close to pulling me under.

In wintertime, it can be difficult to feel or even remember the warmth of soil on bare feet or the sun’s kisses on bare shoulders… but the hope lingers! In this fallow time, we can all take advantage of our internal wealth to keep us inspired, motivated and prepared for our “garden” as she opens up to the oncoming spring.

I’d like to share a few tools and guides that have come along my path in the past few weeks. Most of these are oriented for the female psyche and life – but, the practices can be repurposed for anyone’s use. Happy digging!

And this video, “Then End of Control”