Tune into a Healthy Self through massage

Review by Molly M: “Kara is an incredibly skilled healer and always provides a relaxing, therapeutic experience. She has a way of tuning in to your body and identifying what areas are holding tension and then working through those problem spots. She’s helped me with neck/shoulder pain, hip pain and TMJ, as well as general stress relief. Definitely recommended!” 9/22/17

Review by Daniel S: “Kara does an amazing job. She takes time to really listen and understand your needs, and tailors her therapy accordingly. I have visited her twice for different targeted massage therapies and was extremely impressed with her treatment and satisfied each time. Highly recommend!” 7/31/17

Massage Reviews

“Kara’s kindness, professionalism and massage skills were all appreciated during my session. I would highly recommend her services. My massage felt very intentional and adjusted to just what my body and mind needed. I look forward to returning!” – Kara T.


“Had a 90 min massage with Kara and it was amazing! Kara listens carefully to your needs and tailors the massage accordingly. Her space is warm, peaceful, and relaxing. She checks in with you throughout the massage to make sure you are comfortable with the level of pressure and gladly changes it up if needed. It’s a very therapeutic experience where your needs are the priority. I highly recommend her.” – Kathy B. 


“I have been receiving massage therapy for about 25 years for spine issues. I rate Kara as one of the very best. Great hands and a compassionate soul. “ – Ernie S.

No time for blogging… Yes, time for massaging

Just dropping a note to say Soulstice is alive and well though the website appears dormant. Among many happenings this summer and fall, I’ve been establishing an organic farm, marrying the love of my life and running this small business!

Drop a line if you have any questions… and if you need a massage please visit I guarantee an opening will be available every week – if you can’t find a time that fits just right, call me at (828) 964 3644.

Be well 🙂

Joyous Summer Soulstice!

Happy Summer Soulstice everyone!

Do one thing – or a million things – that celebrate your soul, the sun, the full moon, the radiant flower, the honey bee or anything that shines, sparkles + sings!

Here’s some feminine wisdom for the full moon that aligns with this solstice- a rarity seen once every 70 years!   –


Soul+EcoCentric Wheel of Life

Bill Plotkin shared this wisdom just 8 years ago in April. It’s teachings and practices are perfect for the Spring energy coursing through all of us.

Please read and share! May we all find our ultimate soul purpose and a true sense of Here.


“Wisdom traditions worldwide say there’s no greater blessing than to live the life of your soul, the source of your deepest personal fulfillment and of your greatest service to others. It’s what you were born for. It’s the locus of authentic personal power — not power over people and things, but rather the power of partnership with others, the power to cocreate life and to cooperate with an evolving universe.” -B.Plotkin

Dormant Seeds of Being

“Never chase the butterflies. Keep your garden beautiful and the butterflies will come to you.”

– Brazilian saying, shared by Jeronimo da Silva Neto

For a long time, this saying kept me light and hopeful, like a life vest I put on when the waves were just too threatening or too close to pulling me under.

In wintertime, it can be difficult to feel or even remember the warmth of soil on bare feet or the sun’s kisses on bare shoulders… but the hope lingers! In this fallow time, we can all take advantage of our internal wealth to keep us inspired, motivated and prepared for our “garden” as she opens up to the oncoming spring.

I’d like to share a few tools and guides that have come along my path in the past few weeks. Most of these are oriented for the female psyche and life – but, the practices can be repurposed for anyone’s use. Happy digging!

And this video, “Then End of Control”



As the snow melts…

Every morning, for the past week, I wake up, brush my teeth, drink some tea, check my email, check if anyone has booked a massage (not really anyone has yet), wonder how I’m going to make this thing work, then I throw on a few layers of clothes to go feed my three horses.

Mornings bring ritual to the everyday experience. Mornings set the tone of the entire day. And if we are intentionally positive, mornings are when/where we realize that this is a new day, a new beginning.

This morning, a news story reawakened my soul, humbled my ego, reminded me of what really matters.


It’s a magical spirit –

omnipresent in these mountains –

under appreciated for its powers and fragility.

Last year, just about this time, I stepped away from a desk job. I stepped away from conference calls and work road trips. But I couldn’t step away from the atrocious reality that this capitalistic, hedonistic, patriarchal, colonizing, racist machine that we live under thrives on poisoning water, poisoning air, poisoning minds and bodies.


Even the smallest drop

falling thousands of times

wears down the largest mountain.

Persistence, creativity, and love are necessary if we are truly going to take back our rights, our collective and individual liberties.

There was a time when I couldn’t tell if the people of Stokes County – the thousands of people living in the shadow of a massive coal plant and the watershed of a 300 acre leaking coal ash pond – would ever find the strength to fight hard….. to break through the boundaries of silent suffering, the decades of inequality. And now they are.

All of us pay the price to live in this oppressive state. Some more than others. And all of us have a duty to break our chains, to show others how to free themselves. We must never give up on the hope of a more ____ world (you fill it in).

Every morning, give praise to the clean water around you and please give your time and talent to clean the polluted water near or far from you.



About Kara

I’m in love with the mountains and the communities nestled within. Protecting wild spaces, both in nature and within the human heart, is my truest passion.

My years in activism gift me the resilience and hope to work through trauma and towards a balanced world. I know soulful self care and nonviolent direct action are necessary for earth healing, justice and peace. “Self care” is a term used to describe any practice, activity, thought process or way of being that allows you to find peace, relieve harmful emotions or habits, and cultivate a healthier mind, body and/or spirit. I invite you to explore how to care for yourself, others, and the planet in a wholesome way.

Massage therapy is my offering to the world to create physical, mental and spiritual healing. In December 2015, I completed my massage therapy instruction and became certified in the state of North Carolina on January 15, 2016.

Please visit my “Services” page to review the massage modalities I offer and my range of prices.