Services + Prices

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I offer a sliding-scale price system as a way to offer massage at affordable, fair rates for any person seeking therapeutic services. This is a community oriented method to widen the availability of massage and therapy to everyone in our area. When considering how much to pay for a service, please consider your income and ability to “subsidize” another person’s payment.

30 minute massage: $25 – $40

  • Focused massage on single areas of the body (neck, back, arms, front legs, back legs, or feet).

60 minute massage: $50 – $65

  • Full body massage plus deep tissue focus on indicated areas. Best bang for your buck!

90 minute massage: $75 – $90

  • Full body massage plus deep tissue focus and treatment for indicated injuries. This is a preferred massage if you have chronic pain, sleeping issues, multiple problem areas.

Book a Massage at Your Home

Enjoy a restorative massage in the comfort of your home. I will bring the massage table, aromatherapy oils, and music to create a tranquil environment. Space requirements are 7′ x 4′ open floor space. I accept cash, card, or check.

1 Hour Session …….. $75

      * Each additional 1 hour session $60

1.5 Hour Session ….. $100

Please call (828) 964 3644 or email to book this service.